Three lifetimes, two guardians, one objective: get back home. In our long overdue first foray into stories from India, it's the story of Jaya and Vijaya, the gatekeepers to Vishnu's celestial abode and the fateful decision they made one day that would change everything. It's the story of a demon that, reborn across generations and millennia, battles heroes that are born for the fight.

The creature this week is an angry bird who is less about wrecking towers and more about exsanguinating the corpses of his enemies.


"Silent Dreams" by Ketsa | "Moon Love" by Ketsa | "Our Names Engraved" by Blue Dot Sessions | "Sanctuary" by Podington Bear | "Seventh Hill" by Podington Bear | "Ervira" by Blue Dot Sessions | "4 Point Path" by Blue Dot Sessions


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