The world has been quiet for centuries, but everyone knows that they will return. The demon kings. An ancient evil destined to be reborn a third and final time.

Then, one day, a child is born. The parents rejoice, but only for a moment. There is something different about the child, and there are rumors that the monster has been reborn once again and, after his battle with the one destined to fight him through the ages, the world will never be the same.


"Good Evening Melancholy" by Ketsa | "Plague" by Kai Engel | "Slum Canto" by Kai Engel | "Tiptoe Treadline" by Blue Dot Sessions | "Arctic Draba" by Blue Dot Sessions | "Sal's Piano Solo" by Blue Dot Sessions


A lot of blood this week. There's a massive battle at the end where elephants get their legs chopped off and wander around the battlefield. That's about the worst of it.