Three stories this week from the Danish fairy tale writer Hans Christian Andersen about people that are matchless. The first is the tale of the emperor and his new clothes, where an emperor who needs a new coat every hour gets an offer he can't refuse. The second is about a boy who wants to marry the daughter of a monarch and all the cool gadgets and racially insensitive cosplaying he'll do to win her hand, and the third is the story of the little match girl. That one literally has matches in it. I still do puns.

The creature is the scariest couch potato in the world. If the seas have couches. I mean, they probably have lots of couches with how much trash we throw into them. Ok, I'm sad now.

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The Little Match Girl

The Disney version I was referring to is part of the "Walt Disney Animation Studios Short Films Collection" currently on Netflix. It's the third film in the collection starting at about 17:30.

I'm not sure if copyright law prohibits me from linking to a (likely) pirated version, but if you wanted to Google "The Little Match Girl 2006" and watch the first video that pops up I can't imagine I could stop you.

The six and a half minute film is also for sale on YouTube for $2. Here's the trailer: