An episode about the Tanuki, the notorious raccoon-dog trickster from Japan with'll see.

The creature is the Tote Road Shagamaw, and a ManBearMoose who is really good at headstands. Like, it can walk a quarter mile doing a headstand.


“Lina my Queen” by Blue Dot Sessions | “Detailing” by Blue Dot Sessions | “The Callow” by Blue Dot Sessions | “Fermin Canyon” by Blue Dot Sessions | “Tillis County” by Blue Dot Sessions | “True Blue Sky” by Blue Dot Sessions | “Slimheart” by Blue Dot Sessions


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I mention the words "scrotum" and "testicle" more than usual, as it is a prominent feature of these creatures. It's only the mention - nothing sexual or suggestive, but it is there.