The Greeks finally find a way into Troy and while, yes, it's exactly the way you think they get in, there are so many ridiculous side quests on the way, including a cameo from one of Greek myth's most famous hero.

The creature is nice unicorn who will play music for you and definitely won't eat you the moment your guard is down.


“Moving Emotional Piano hero track” by Daniel Bordovsky | “Escaping forever” by Michael Vignola | “Scallat” by Blue Dot Sessions | “Foreign” by Marshall Usinger | “The Journey” by Adrian Berengue | “Holding On” by Keith Anthony Holden | “We are nowhere” by Sander Kalmeijer | "The Temperature of the Air on the Bow of the Kaleetan" by Chris Zabriskie


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One mention of the word "rape" as well as insinuations of sexual assault at the sacking of Troy. For violence, well, Troy is brutally sacked, the streets run red with blood, and (SPOILER) an child is tossed off a wall.