In this episode from Norse legends, we'll see that the worst breakups involve Thor breaking up the couple with his hammer and we'll see that even though Odin can shapeshift, that doesn't mean he skips the conditioner. It's the Saga of King Gautrek, a story spanning generations of Viking warriors and their bizarre and dangerous interactions with the gods, giants, elves, and everything in between (but mostly just those three).

The creature this week likes to drill holes in your boat with its nose. Hope you don't mind awkward tickle sessions...


"Illa Villardo" by Blue Dot Sessions
"Lens Flare" by Podington Bear
"Paper Boat" by Podington Bear
"Solemn Oath" by Podington Bear
"Minor Islands" by Podington Bear
"Flor Vjell" by Blue Dot Sessions
"Samara" by Podington Bear
"Threshold" by Podington Bear


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The Ättestupa

A darkly funny take on the Ättestupa from the show "Norsemen" on Netflix:


There is a such thing as red gold, a copper/gold alloy. In the context of Norse myth, "red" gold is seen as a super-precious, super-pure form of gold that's highly desired by humans, dwarves, and dragons alike, but it probably wasn't literally the color red. Still, it was an error to say that red gold does not exist. Thanks to Drew W. for the info.