An off-the-wall story from the Grimm Brothers about a young man who knew no fear...and why that was a massive problem for him.

The creature is a man who you don't want to high five. Mainly because he has eyeballs on his palms. Also mainly because he'll drink your bones with a straw.

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"The Consulate" by Blue Dot Sessions
“Scary Sounds” by Bobby Cole
“Storm Passing” by Podington Bear
"Relinquish" by Podington Bear
"Demon Dollhouse" by Bruce Zimmerman
"Nervous Whisp" by Blue Dot Sessions
"Sorrento" by Podington Bear


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Ok, well, a lot of stuff happens in this episode:

  • Someone camps out under a gallows and doesn't understand that the dead guys aren't magical flying strangers
  • A kid who I'm pretty sure is a psychopath kills way too many dogs and cats
  • Someone spoons a corpse
  • Someone shaves some skin and face off a severed human head so they can bowl with it
  • There's a tragic story involving suicide and way too much child death