We're on the road with the monk, Xuanzang, and Monkey King Sun Wukong, as they start their Journey to the West... that is, if Sun Wukong is coming back from taking off in a huff (he is). Once he gets back, the trip won't be without problems, though, like river dragons, murderous monks, and bear ogre birthday parties.


"Blue" by Podington Bear
"Messy Inkwell" by Blue Dot Sessions
"Li Fonte" by Blue Dot Sessions
"Lunette" by Blue Dot Sessions
"The Gall" by Podington Bear
"All the Colors in the World" by Podington Bear


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This game though

I found this yesterday and I have no idea if it will get a wider release outside of China, but apparently a Sun Wukong game is in the works and it looks awesome: