Monkey King

366-Monkey King: Roadblock

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Back in the Journey to the West and Monkey has a fan club, the Tang Monk teaches an impromptu class, and Pigsy finds his calling: sitting and eating. The creatures are the Ruslaki, and they're very easy to break up with. Shrok Pillow: Music: "Germaine" by Blue Dot [...]

358-Monkey King: Winded (ad-free)

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Back in the Journey to the West where Monkey and the gang are actually having an easy time of it and WHY IS IT SO HOT? The creature is Muirbech who is not a sea bee, and while it should get in trouble for false advertising it is already in jail until Judgement Day? --- Sponsors: [...]

265-Monkey King: Out of Your Gourd

By |2022-04-12T21:55:33-04:00April 5th, 2022|Categories: Episodes, Podcast|Tags: , |

A super-powered monkey from Chinese folklore meets more than he bargained for: a sloshing hollow gourd full of pus. The creature is the Mikaribaba (箕借り婆) from Japanese folklore, a great reason not to shower (because she will literally gouge out your eyes). -- Scoundrel! New episode of Scoundrel this week. Check it out: [...]

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