This week, Olympus will fall. The reign of the Greek gods will come to an ignoble end to an enemy that has been lurking in the shadows the whole time. Hear how it all goes down in this definitely serious story about how the rule of the Olympians was usurped by something you see every day.

The creature is the Kickle Snifter! The reason why you should wash your beard! Or don't because who doesn't enjoy having a semi-parasitic friend around all the time?



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On episode 109, we told the story of Tereus, who kidnapped and raped his wife's sister and then cut out her tongue so she couldn't tell people about it. She stitched a message to her sister who fed Tereus his own children in a stew and then Zeus turned all three of them into birds. What you just read is as graphic as it gets on the podcast (the mention of it, not the description), but I didn't want to ambush anyone with that and I certainly wouldn't want to have to explain any of that to a child.