Three stories of people helping people from Korea, including helpful monsters, deadly Pictionary, and why you should shove strangers down hills.

The creature is the Glashtin, a creature with sticky hands, but in the murdery way and not the stealy way or ice creamy way.


Sonoro and Nextpod (that's us!) present Mitos y Leyendas. It's this podcast, now in Spanish! Listen to the trailer and first TWO episodes now:

Check out this week's all-new Scoundrel:

And we are up to 25 episodes of best of the worst!


"Campfire Rounds" by Blue Dot Sessions

"Trod Along" by Blue Dot Sessions

"Marble Chase" by Blue Dot Sessions

"Kirkus Interlude" by Blue Dot Sessions

"Line Exchange" by Blue Dot Sessions


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