271-Korean Folklore: A Friend in Need

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Three stories of people helping people from Korea, including helpful monsters, deadly Pictionary, and why you should shove strangers down hills. The creature is the Glashtin, a creature with sticky hands, but in the murdery way and not the stealy way or ice creamy way. -- Sonoro and Nextpod (that's us!) present Mitos [...]

38A-Korean Literature (Hong Gildong): Crossing the Threshold

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Hong Gildong has been called the Korean Robin Hood, but really oversimplifies the story. It is both an awesome adventure tale with dragons, magic, assassins, demons, bandits, and betrayal, and a complex human drama, where one young man must find and understand his place in the world. It's both action-packed, and heartbreaking. The titular character, Gildong, was [...]

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