350-Korean folklore: Ghosts and Goblins

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Three(ish) stories from the Korean peninsula about ghosts and goblins. Kind of. Some are actual ghosts and goblins (도깨비). Some are the ghosts of happier times and the lives we thought we wanted. Some goblins literally beat us up when they cheat at board games. There's a lot to learn this week. The [...]

299-Korean Folklore: Long Con

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The spies are coming. Governor Sim has gone too far and earned the attention of the king, who's sending people to see what's going on in Sim's district. The only thing? Sim is four steps ahead of the king and those spies don't know what they're walking into.

271-Korean Folklore: A Friend in Need

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Three stories of people helping people from Korea, including helpful monsters, deadly Pictionary, and why you should shove strangers down hills. The creature is the Glashtin, a creature with sticky hands, but in the murdery way and not the stealy way or ice creamy way. -- Sonoro and Nextpod (that's us!) present Mitos [...]

38A-Korean Literature (Hong Gildong): Crossing the Threshold

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Hong Gildong has been called the Korean Robin Hood, but really oversimplifies the story. It is both an awesome adventure tale with dragons, magic, assassins, demons, bandits, and betrayal, and a complex human drama, where one young man must find and understand his place in the world. It's both action-packed, and heartbreaking. The titular character, Gildong, was [...]

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