Two stories from Celtic folklore of the things that lurk among us: witches that live in our home town, trolls that hold dance parties on the frozen wastes, and tiny, 1000-year-old fairy creatures who are buying drinks after work.

The creature this week is the Giant of Smeeth, who would really like you to watch your language, please.




"The Ascent" by Chad Crouch

"Down and Around" by Chad Crouch

"October Shuffle" by Chad Crouch

"Filesharer's Lament" by Chad Crouch

"Running on Empty" by Chad Crouch


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A doodle based on a joke based on a hopefully-mistranslated line from a folktale.

A black-and-white doodle of an axolotl in a period-appropriate-ish Irish dress next to a man who is looking at her with a smile and saying "Oh boy! Look at her! Look at my bride-to-be! Skin completely transparent. Every organ visible. Every rib. What beauty. What grace. Nothing to read into here!"

Axolotls are carnivorous. He's actually in terrible danger.