Two stories of goblins (도깨비) from Korean folklore and how, if they stop by, you'll want to have drinks on hand because it might just save your life.

The creature is Ratatoskr, the greatest* squirrel in Norse myth.



"Cornicob" by Blue Dot Sessions
"Lofoten Eggels" by Blue Dot Sessions
"Raskt Landsby" by Blue Dot Sessions
"Timble Rider Theme" by Blue Dot Sessions


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  • Cham dokkaebi (참도깨비; lit. true dokkaebi): A mischievous dokkaebi. Contrast with Gae Dokkaebi.
  • Gae dokkaebi (개도깨비; lit. dog dokkaebi): Evil dokkaebi. Contrast with Cham Dokkaebi.
  • Kim Seobang dokkaebi (김서방 도깨비; lit. Mr. Kim Dokkaebi): A dumb dokkaebi that looks like a farmer.
  • Nat dokkaebi (낮도깨비; lit. day dokkaebi): Unlike other dokkaebi, these appear during the daylight. They are known to give dokkaebi gamtus to humans.
  • Go dokkaebi (고도깨비; lit. high dokkaebi): Dokkaebi known to be good at fighting and handling weapons, especially arrows.
  • Gaksi dokkaebi (각시도깨비; lit. maiden dokkaebi) and chonggak dokkaebi (총각도깨비; lit. bachelor dokkaebi): Dokkaebi, known to attract humans.
  • Oenun dokkaebi (외눈도깨비; lit. one-eyed dokkaebi): A one-eyed dokkaebi that eats a lot.
  • Oedari dokkaebi (외다리도깨비; lit. one-legged dokkaebi): A one-legged dokkaebi that likes to play Ssireum.

I just got this from Wikipedia, but I've found something like it in other areas of the internet.


A man cuts the throat of a cow at the end and there's a lot of blood. It sprays around and covers characters. I promise there's a reason for it and it's relevant to the plot.