The story of why, no matter how good of an idea it sounds like after a few drinks, you shouldn't steal church bells and drop them into a nearby pond. You might awaken an ancient evil. Because, of course.

The creature this week is Bunny Man! He throws axes at cars!


The post with the disclaimer and pictures and all that:


The membership!


"Dim" by Chad Crouch

Bunny Man

Research for the government of Fairfax County, Virginia:

Another interesting news article that interviewed the researcher:


Stained glass windows of a man presenting a lumpy pie to a red dragon.

The stained glass windows of St. Mary Magdalene Church

A modern-day picture of an 11th century Saxon church. It's stony.

St. Mary Magdalene Church

An article (and picture!) of the Slayer's Slab:


Slightly more violent than usual. The dragon in the story only hunts children, though no children are seen dying. The dragon is a Smaug-style psychopath dragon and talks about eating the children before burning the parents alive. An incompetent knight gets eaten off his horse.