Queen Medb, King Ailil, and Fergus make their way into Ulster while the army is crippled by feeling as if they are going into labor. Only one man, barely out of childhood himself, can stand against the invaders and protect his people until they are able to rise. That man is Cu Chulainn. This week, we learn the origin story of this Irish superhero (he's kind of literally a superhero, too. He can hulk out.), including how he got his name, which basically means dog.

The creature of the week is one that will, unsurprisingly, drag you into the river and kill you. What is surprising, though, is the party that happens in your village when you kick it out.

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"Hiroko Life" by Whodiniz

"Brick Wall (Instrumental)" by Simon Panrucker

"Venus in Furz" by Steve Combs

"Contrarian" by Blue Dot Sessions

"Invitation to the Voyage" by Julia Kent