Irish folklore: Beggars Belief

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The story of a storyteller who can't think of a story to tell, and how a stranger solves that problem by getting him fired and taking him on wacky adventures with too many beheadings. The creature is the Lou Carcolh. Brace yourself, snail links are coming. Snails: I don't know if this is [...]

200-Irish Legends: The Things We Do for Love

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Returning to Irish legends, we tackle the wooing of Etain, a love story that goes up against witches turning people into puddles and flies, multiple angry spouses, and death itself. The creature is a dangerous blanket! Don't sit on blankets with teeth! Music: “Balti” by Blue Dot Sessions [...]

Member’s Only Short 2: Supplemental Irish Legends

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An extra supplemental story to the Irish legends (22A-22C) that tells the story of a character we saw only glimpses of, but whose tale is tragically interwoven with the rest of the larger legends. It's a short backstory that adds one more level of detail to an already complex and interesting set of stories. Music: "I [...]

22C-Irish Legends: The Spoils of War

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A double-sized episode with the whole epic and slightly-ridiculous story of a cattle raid that ended up taking way longer than it should have. It involves a young man hulking out numerous times, several creative ways to kill your opponent in single combat, and a fight to the death between best friends. Also, you'll see why you shouldn't [...]

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