Two stories from Greek Mythology: first, it's the story of Sisyphus, who you might know from his interminable, crushing labor, but who actually really deserved that punishment because of how horrible he was. The second story is of good-guy-Bellerophon, Sisyphus's grandson, who is constantly having that football pulled out from under him just as he is about to kick it.

The creature is an 80-foot-tall, sneaky Japanese skeleton who has a drinking that he has a difficult time drinking the blood spewing from his decapitated victims.


Loot Crate is awesome. Check out Loot Crate. (Don't forget the code LEGENDS).


  • Sisyphus is generally a terrible person and robs and rapes people. Nothing graphic, though.
  • A whole city of women offer themselves sexually to Bellerophon. Again, nothing graphic.
  • Writing this, I'm not sure why I made a disclaimer. It's kind of hard to find the line between appropriate and not appropriate for children. If you read this and were happy these disclaimers were here, let me know. Otherwise I probably won't do one for episodes like this.


"Factory Time" by Visager | "Captive" by Steve Combs and Delta Is | "The Origination" by Nihilore | "Escape Pod" by Steve Combs and Delta Is | "F*** Yeh, Capitalism!" by Nihilore | "What Lurks in the Blind Spot of a God?" by Nihilore | "Beat the Burglar" by Scott Holmes | "Liberosis" by Nihilore | "Young Love (Bonus Track)" by Steve Combs and Delta Is | "Ants" by Rolemusic | "Homage to John Carpenter" by Squire Tuck