47-Urban Legends: In the Dark

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For this Halloween episode, we are doing something different. Instead of diving into the stories of the past, I’m telling stories of the present. Urban legends are a more modern version of folklore where, instead of telling stories of hydras and butter cats, we tell stories of things that might just exist. In these, people are [...]

20-Korean Folklore: Prayers

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This week, it's a horror story from Korean folklore. A little girl gets lost in the forest, and then a strange problem begins tearing her family apart. Then, on the creature of the week, you'll see how buying sunglasses for the guard might help you rob a temple. Become a member? Say Hi on Facebook Find [...]

14-Doppelgangers: Do not Go Gentle into that Good Night

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People throughout history, before they died, have seen something...strange. They have seen ghostly doubles haunting their steps, foretelling their doom. These things are called doppelgängers, and while they mean something different now - basically someone that looks like you - their folklore origins are something far more ominous and sinister. This episode is about the shadowy [...]

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