Greek/Roman myth: There’s Something About Ares

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The stories of the creation from Roman/Greek mythology, the first werewolf, and Pygmalion, and also some Ares stuff because this is his week I guess. The creature, the Bonnacon (or, as cultured people say, Bo-nacho), has fiery diarrhea. Insert spicy food/White Castle joke here. Membership: Inflatable cow for some reason: [...]

354-Japanese folklore: Cursed

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Two stories about finding people who like you for you. Not because you wear a rice bowl on your head. Or because you spend way too much time looking in the mirror. It's the stories of the Black Rice Bowl and the Mirror from Kyoto, from Japanese folklore. The creatures are real life [...]

Irish folklore: Beggars Belief

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The story of a storyteller who can't think of a story to tell, and how a stranger solves that problem by getting him fired and taking him on wacky adventures with too many beheadings. The creature is the Lou Carcolh. Brace yourself, snail links are coming. Snails: I don't know if this is [...]

351-Dragons: Alternate History

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A mother and son are surviving at the end of the world, while monsters prowl the wasteland all around. And now, one of them wants to leave. The creature is the Kudan (件), a human-faced bovine who wants you to have its poster up in your home. A lot of posters, actually. Source: [...]

350-Korean folklore: Ghosts and Goblins

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Three(ish) stories from the Korean peninsula about ghosts and goblins. Kind of. Some are actual ghosts and goblins (도깨비). Some are the ghosts of happier times and the lives we thought we wanted. Some goblins literally beat us up when they cheat at board games. There's a lot to learn this week. The [...]

348-World folklore: Untitled Goose Episode

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Two myths and a lie! Two stories this week are tales from world folklore. One is a tale created by us for this episode. Check out the poll in our Instagram stories ( or the poll below to let us know which one you think is the lie! [...]

347-Viking Legends: Fool Me Once

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The story of Ketil Trout is about growing up and learning to be your own person. It's a coming-of-age tale with giant fights, dragon slaying, and outlaw who know way to many trout facts. The creature, Nure-onna, is that woman down by the beach who is not-so-secretly also a quarter-mile-long snake. Links! Doorstop [...]

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