205B-Odyssey: The Widening Gyre

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We're back following Odysseus around the Mediterranean, finishing up this leg of our journey in a packed episode with a witch, pigmen, more giants, Scylla, Charybdis, Hades, Tiresias, and, of course Hercules. The creature is an evil, eyeless monster from South Africa and the reason you'll want to carry a 2-ton boulder with [...]

Member episode 55-Icelandic Legends: In the Bag

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A story of a wife who would do anything to help her husband find peace in the afterlife...even if that includes reminding those already in heaven of their life on earth. The creature is a monster who is a great pet if you care about your respiratory system...but not so great if you just got new [...]

200-Irish Legends: The Things We Do for Love

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Returning to Irish legends, we tackle the wooing of Etain, a love story that goes up against witches turning people into puddles and flies, multiple angry spouses, and death itself. The creature is a dangerous blanket! Don't sit on blankets with teeth! Music: “Balti” by Blue Dot Sessions [...]

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