42-Chinese Folklore (Cinderella): You Only Live Thrice

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This week, it's two of the earliest Cinderella stories, one of which is the earliest written version of this type of story, pre-dating European versions by 1000 years. It has evil step-mothers, murderous step-sisters, and helpful cows who will vomit up your work and call you stupid. Trying to grow a beard and keep your five-year-old [...]

Member’s Episode 4-Cinderella: Ash-fool

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Like many of the fairy tales with super-popular adaptations, an early version of Cinderella is much more bizarre and violent. The old evil stepmother trope is back, but she may just end up doing more damage to her own daughters than Cinderella. I'll also go into the reasons the German version of this story is so [...]

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