Greek mythology

220B-Odyssey: Lonely Island

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We're back in the Odyssey where Menelaus comes home, Telemachus leaves it, and Odysseus? Odysseus has been stuck in the same place for seven long years. The creatures this week are the Agogwe, tiny hairy naked people who are really cool until they aren't. Thanos swimsuit: Store: Membership: [...]

205B-Odyssey: The Widening Gyre

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We're back following Odysseus around the Mediterranean, finishing up this leg of our journey in a packed episode with a witch, pigmen, more giants, Scylla, Charybdis, Hades, Tiresias, and, of course Hercules. The creature is an evil, eyeless monster from South Africa and the reason you'll want to carry a 2-ton boulder with [...]

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