Two stories from Greek/Roman mythology this week with the (not remotely) love story of Apollo and Daphne as well as the tale of Pyramus and Thisbe, where we'll see that a wall can bring people together as well as keep them apart.

The creature is the Bakru, from Suriname, a mythological creature in the form of a child that stopped on the way to becoming a real boy and you can also hire him to burn down someone's house on Fiverr.




Public domain "Metamorphoses":

Not-public-domain "Metamorphoses":


"Sunset Stroll in the Wood" by Podington Bear

"Douglas Fir" by Chad Crouch

"The Speed of Life" by Podington Bear

"Helado" by Blue Dot Sessions

"OneEightFour" by Blue Dot Sessions

"Kallaloe" by Blue Dot Sessions


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Apollo really wants to get with Daphne and after Cupid shoots him with one of the magic love arrows, he pursues her through the forest in an assault-y fashion.

There's also an instance of double suicide on this week's show in the second story. It's a proto-Romeo-and-Juliet-type-deal.