The story of Oedipus is fun until it isn't. I've met people with varying degrees of familiarity with the story. Some are familiar only with the central premise of the story, while others' knowledge only extends to a certain disgusting little complex popularized by a similarly-disgusting Viennese psychologist. Regardless, the story of Oedipus is a fascinating commentary on fate, our willing blindness to uncomfortable truths, and why you should, under no circumstances, talk to prophets. Seriously, they will mess up your life.

The creature this week is the Tanuki from Japan, with two big surprises for you.

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"Skeptic" | "Modest House" | "In My Head" | "A1 Rogue"

by Podington Bear

"Readers Do You Read" | "Wonder Cycle" | "Everybody's Got Problems that Aren't Mine"

by Chris Zabriskie

"Seeker" by Kai Engel | "Mogul" by Blue Dot Sessions | "Plaster Combo" by Blue Dot Sessions



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There's some non-graphic talk of incest between a mother and son. Also, Oedipus claws his eyes out, but I don't go into any detail because I can't stand eye stuff.

The creature of the week has giant, magical, transforming testicles. Yeah.