Medusa is probably the most misunderstood villain in all of Greco-Roman Mythology, famous only for being a monster...and the hero's quest to kill her. We'll learn all about her background and follow the quest of one fated to clash with her. Also this is Greek mythology so everyone is terrible all the time always.

The creature this week is the floating head and he's kind of like Pac-man...if Pac-man had a taste for people and delicious chestnuts.

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"Toppler" by Blue Dot Sessions | "Soothe" by Blue Dot Sessions | "Seamless" by Blue Dot Sessions | "Partly Sage" by Blue Dot Sessions | "Old Skin" by Podington Bear | "Little Dipper" by Podington Bear | "Astrisx" by Blue Dot Sessions | "Comet Trails" by Moon | "Orbs of Light" by Moon


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Non-graphic talk of Zeus impregnating a woman by turning into a shower of gold (?) and non-graphic talk of how Poseidon raped a woman and then the woman was blamed for it because she was irresistible.