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90-Viking Legends: Mighty

The land of giants. Jotunheim. The realm of the monstrous "other" from Norse myth. Thorstein grew up being told it was only a legend, and he probably thought as much...until he walked into it.

This is the epic saga of Thorstein Mansion-Might, a legendary Viking who is bigger than doors.

The creature this time is Dr. Big Bird. He's a big bird who is an ancient world doctor. That sounds impressive until you think that probably anyone alive today is qualified to be an ancient world doctor.

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"Direct to Video" by Chris Zabriskie

"Cases to Rest" by Blue Dot Sessions

"Aim is True" by Podington Bear

"Boardwalk" by Podington Bear

"Chrysalis" by Podington Bear

"Degradation" by Podington Bear

"March" by Podington Bear

"Miss You" by Podington Bear

"Rubber Robot" by Podington Bear

"Tarnish" by Podington Bear

"These Times" by  Blue Dot Sessions


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  1. Laura August 2, 2018 at 3:56 pm - Reply

    love your podcast – thanks!!

  2. Marq November 15, 2017 at 2:08 pm - Reply

    Hearing the tale of Thorstein filled my afternoon with joy. I cannot stress this enough: I love your series. I have been listening for a dog’s age. Every episode is a present that is worth the journey.

    I want to hear compliments on you first, because it will hopefully diminish the bitter flavor of my following comment. So, again, love, love, love your show, love the work. Love the effort you put in every week and the music and the research and the sponsors and the monsters of the week, it is gold.

    In, very literally, the last moments of this week’s story, you said that, because Thorstein Mansion-Might was a Christian, that the whole story was just “violent colonialism”.

    Slander. Heresy. An outright bold faced lie.

    Because a hero eats a bit if cake and said that there might only be one particular invisible person in the sky worthy of respect, it is no reason to label them a “colonial”. In order to be such a thing, firstly, they would have been required to establish a colony in the name of their government. Thorstein took position of his wife’s inheritance as a legitimate heir according to the mutual cultures of Midgard and Jotunheim. Their claim was endorsed and backed by the respective governments of each side, and they held this land peacefully. The incidental scouring of the previous government, vis a vis raining fire from the sky, should not be seen as an act of colonialism, rather one of domestic terrorisim undertaken in part by the oppressed half-giant people. Statistically you are far more likely to be killed by a Joutun than a half-giant, their actions are grossly over reported in the skald’s songs.

    You make an amazing podcast, and I respect you tremendously. Your voice is a fine Melody and your digressions amusingly focussed. Please keep doing this, and do not let my single detractive comment keep your hand from the pen for even one second. You are light in the darkness and a voice of whimsical delights on my long shifts.

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