In 16th century Prague, a people are under attack. Accused of an unspeakable crime they didn't commit, they have no recourse: even the rulers of the city have turned against them. They can't find justice, so they have to make justice - a silent guardian to watch over their community, one to keep the wolves at bay. But is he too late to help guard the innocents against the sinister machinations of one man?


"An Opus in Bb" by Blue Dot Sessions | "A Simple Shroud" by Blue Dot Sessions | "Beeth" by Blue Dot Sessions | "Andelo" by Blue Dot Sessions | "Toothless Slope" by Blue Dot Sessions | "Valantis" by Blue Dot Sessions


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There are many mentions and depictions of antisemitism. The story centers around a rabbi's fight against something called the blood libel, an antisemitic myth that Jewish people needed the blood of Christians (namely Christian children) to cook their matzos. There are also a few brief mentions of dead children.