Joaquin is out of control. He is riding through town, doubling the rewards on his own wanted posters. He has cowered or killed anyone who has tried to stop him, and he thinks he is untouchable. He's not wrong, either. The only people who know his face are either very trusted or very dead. Still, the more he pushes, the more the state of California pushes back, until one man is finally commissioned with a bill from the California legislature to hunt him down for good.


"Opener” by Blue Dot Sessions

“Moon Bicycle Theme” by Blue Dot Sessions

“Dropped Ticket” by Blue Dot Sessions

“Sopor” by Kai Engel

“Scraper” by Blue Dot Sessions

“Wistful” by Blue Dot Sessions

“Insatiable Toad” by Blue Dot Sessions

“Vibrant Canopy” by Blue Dot Sessions

“Comatose” by Kai Engel

“Silent Flock” by Blue Dot Sessions


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Probably not an episode for children. There are numerous old west style shootings. Multiple characters have their throats cut. There is mention of rape and lynching. A head is cut off, store in a jar of alcohol, and put on display.