120B-Holy Grail: Beyond the Sea

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120B-Holy Grail: Beyond the Sea

Seven people have been informed that they will be pivotal in the quest for the greatest holy object that has ever existed: the Holy Grail. First, they have to get it to England. That, of course, will involve angelic post-it notes, ships with ejector seats, attacking giants, and, the most unbelievable thing of all (to some of our characters): multi-colored wood.

We'll see how the Grail comes to Britain and that the end of Joseph's quest is just the beginning.


"Svela Tal" by Blue Dot Sessions | "Degradation" by Podington Bear | "All the Ways" by Podington Bear | "All the Colors in the World" by Podington Bear | "Mr. Mole and Son" by Blue Dot Sessions | "Flashing Runner" by Blue Dot Sessions | "It's Always too late to Start Over" by Chris Zabriskie | "Osprey" by Chad Crouch


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Here's the main source I used for the episode today: http://a.co/d/bUp99Bu

The saddest water horse

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  1. R Pontiff October 4, 2018 at 1:22 am - Reply

    I live this podcast. Best bedtime stories on the internet!

    I keep hearing a character whose name sounds like Gallifrey in this episode. What’s the actual name, or did they name the fictional planet in Doctor Who for this character?

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