Faust decides that if he's going to have these powers, he's really going to enjoy them so, in no particular order, he gives himself:

A Doctor Strange cloak


A demon common law wife and baby

A get-out-of-debt plan that involves humorously tearing off his own limbs

And grapes. In the winter. Crazy, right?

Seriously, though, we take the somewhat more grounded story of last week...and then completely go off the rails while Faust (and the writer of the chapbook...mostly the writer of the chapbook) imagines all the things he can do with powers from the devil, and then does them.

The creature this week is the ophies pteretos, and you might feel bad for them...if they weren't angry flying snakes.


"Ghost Byzantine" by Blue Dot Sessions

"Hardboil" by Blue Dot Sessions

"Ballad of the Blackbirds" by Chad Crouch

"Pacing" by Chad Crouch

"Small Hours" by Chad Crouch

"Undying" by Blue Dot Sessions


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