Hrolf Kraki must avenge his father by confronting his step-father...and brother-in-law. Don't worry, though, the weirdness of last week gets ironed out when we enter more familiar territory for the Viking legends. Our wonderful one-eyed wanderer makes an appearance, kings battle kings, and berserkers battle trolls, draugr, other berserkers, random bystanders, and, well, just about everyone.

The creature this week is Penny Dragon, a dragon that will leave you pennies and maybe also burn down your home.


“Lost Shoe” by Blue Dot Sessions
“I Recall” by Blue Dot Sessions
“Smooth Actor” by Podington Bear
“Delta” by Podington Bear
“Illustrated Novel” by Podington Bear
“Calla Lily” by Podington Bear
“Slow Rollout” by Blue Dot Sessions


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