The (actually kind of) thrilling story of a weaving contest between a goddess and a woman challenging the cruelty and tyranny of the Olympians leads us into three stories: Pandora's box; the great flood of the Grecian world; and the love story of Idas and Marpessa, two people who saw the gods taking whatever and whoever they wanted, and said "no."

The creature this week is the rolling calf. It's neither rolling nor a calf. Discuss.

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“Dense” by Podington Bear

“At Our Best Alone” by Blue Dot Sessions

“Constellation” by Podington Bear

“Matamoscas” by Blue Dot Sessions

“Little Black Cloud” by Podington Bear

“Four and Fourteen” by Blue Dot Sessions

“Broken Branch” by Podington Bear


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Mention of the Greek pantheon's many, many sexual assaults. Nothing graphic, though. There is mention and description of a character slowly hanging themselves. Unfortunately it was necessary...

Oh, and there are several heads nailed to walls. Fortunately (?) they aren't attached to anybody.