How to win friends and influence people and also get beat up a lot in the 12th century. We've talked about Robin's origins, but who are all these other guys? Today we learn some outlaw recruiting strategies (mainly just getting whacked in the ribs with a stick and giving piggyback rides) and meet all the other important members of Robin's crew.

The creature is just a pleasant and fashionable coat who will not so pleasantly remove the skin and muscle and everything from your bones.

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“The Bus at Dawn” by Blue Dot Sessions

“Blue Blanket” by Poddington Bear

“Scallat” by Blue Dot Sessions

"Moodswing” by Podington Bear

“Shapeshifters” by Podington Bear

“Pinky” by Blue Dot Sessions

“Lover’s Hollow” by Blue Dot Sessions

“Indian Paintbrush” by Blue Dot Sessions


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