This week, we continue the story of Grettir. Last week he was driven by an intense, mysterious tendency toward self-destruction. This week, he’ll still have that…but he’s been cursed by a draugr to always be unlucky. And it shows. A lot. He’ll start this week’s episode on his way home to start a new life and he’ll end it…we’ll, you’ll see.

The creature is the Turban snail demon, and it’s why, if you see a snail demon dancing exotically on the water, you should not stop to say hello.

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“Third in Line” by Blue Dot Sessions
“Veins of Silver” by Blue Dot Session
“Holo” by Blue Dot Sessions
“Scalloped” by Blue Dot Sessions
“Midday” by Blue Dot Sessions
“Gilroy Solo” by Blue Dot Sessions
“Ballast” by Blue Dot Sessions
“Four Point Path” by Blue Dot Sessions


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There’s a couple mentions of sexual assault - nothing graphic, but it’s there. There is also some stronger than usual violence. Nothing super graphic or bad, but it’s Viking stuff…so yeah…