Thor’s daughter is getting married to a dwarf, and Thor is the last person to find out about it. Also he punted a dwarf onto a burning ship for fun at his brother’s funeral, so things might get awkward.

The creature is the Segbin, and it’s a smelly goat that bites. Don’t worry though, it doesn’t want to eat you. It wants to kill you, but it doesn’t want to eat you.

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The Names of Everything:


Aesir: Ground

Vanir: Ways (?)

Dwarves: None listed

Elves: Growing One

Giants: Splendid Green

Humans: Earth. Duh.


Aesir: Planet-home

Vanir: Wind-weaver

Dwarves: Dripping Hall

Elves: Lovely Roof

Giants: World Above

Humans: Sky. I'm just going to cut this category because it's always just the name of the thing.


Aesir: Ball.

Hel: The Whirling Wheel

Dwarves: The Shiner

Elves: Counter of Years

Giants: Hastener


Aesir: Sunshine

Dwarves: Dvalin's Plaything

Elves: Lovely Wheel

Giants: Everglow


Aesir: Hope-of-showers

Vanir: Wind-floaters

Hel: Concealing helmet

Elves: Power-of-storms

Giants: Hope-of-Dew


Aesir: Waverer

Hel: Guster

Elves: Din-journeyer

Giants: Whooper


Aesir: Lull

Vanir: Wind-end

Dwarves: Day's Retreat

Elves: Day-soother

Giants: Great Lee


Aesir: Ever-lier

Vanir: Rolling One

Dwarves: Deep Ocean

Elves: Liquid-fundament

Giants: Eel-land


Aesir: Flame

Vanir: Waverer

Dwarves: Burner-up

Hel: Hurrier

Giants: Ravener


Aesir: Mane of the Plains (probably my favorite behind eel-land)

Vanir: Wand (I mean, they're magical so it makes sense)

Humans: Slope-seaweed

Elves: Lovely Boughs

Giants: Fuel


Aesir: Darkness

Dwarves: Dream-goddess

Elves: Sleep-joy

Giants: Unlight


Aesir: Grain

Vanir: Growth

Hel: Head-hanger

Elves: Liquid-fundament

Giants: Food


Aesir: Beer

Vanir: Liquor

Hel: Mead

Giants: Clear-brew

From The Sayings of All-wise:

Translation I used:

Odin's names

So this was a much bigger job than I thought. I'm just going to link out to the Wikipedia article: