Achilles is back and it's god vs. god, Greek vs. Trojan, Achilles vs. Hector in the most epic battle of the Trojan War.

The creature this week, the Seto taishō, will absolutely come after you with a sharpened spoon. His weakness? Light kicks.


“Watercool Quiet” by Blue Dot Sessions | “Thunder Comes” by Will Van De Crommert | “Gilroy Solo” by Blue Dot Sessions | “Feel the Tension” by Bobby Cole | “Order of Entrance” by Blue Dot Sessions | “War Action Orchestra” by Denis Kotenko | “Battle on the Beach” by Bobby Cole | “Lady Lupine” by Blue Dot Sessions | “Broken” by Michael Vignola | “Places” by Michael Vignola


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The Shield of Achilles

The Shield of Achilles (poem)

One of my favorite poets has a famous poem called "The Shield of Achilles" which contrasts the legendary shield and romantic notions of war with the hard, brutal realities of modern war. Check it out: