Two stories from the bawdy, funny, and oftentimes deeply unsettling 17th century fairytale author Giambattista Basile, both of which have to do with pets. The first pet is a rooster, whose owner just can't bring himself to kill it. No judgement there. The second pet is a flea...the size of a lamb.

The creature this week is a cat that's either evil and smells like a skunk dog, a hero who defeated a demon, or a hunter who needs a toothbrush.

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"Cake" by Podington Bear
"Quatrefoil" by Podington Bear
"Scaffoldings" by Podington Bear
"Leafeaters" by Podington Bear
"Go to Sleep" by Podington Bear
"Lerennis" by Blue Dot Sessions
"Sunbeam" by Blue Dot Sessions


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