In one story, a dragon is rampaging around the countryside unless he gets his favorite meal: teenage girls. In the other, a young woman trapped in an impossible situation meets a new friend who might just be able to save her: a parrot with a secret. Two stories with two very different heroines who share one defining characteristic: their unbreakable will to survive.

On the creature of the week, when it comes to making a deal with the devil, you could choose infinite wealth, power, or epic guitar skills...or you could do what the strix did and become a stinky owl monster.


"Where it all happened" by Blue Dot Sessions
"Dark Skies Above" by Bobby Cole
"Lemon and Melon" by Blue Dot Sessions
"Betty Dear" by Blue Dot Sessions
"Topslides" by Blue Dot Sessions
"Low Slopes" by Blue Dot Sessions
"Really Scary Piano Music" by Bobby Cole
"Artic Draba" by Blue Dot Sessions
"Sincerely Yours" by Podington Bear


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A female character is trapped in a situation where she will be an unwilling concubine. When her suspected dalliance with a young man becomes known, she is tortured and then buried alive.


A discussion of gender and Confucianism as it relates to the first story today: