Dionysus was the god of wine from Greek myths and the last Olympian to earn a place on Mount Olympus. His story starts with him being born from Zeus's thigh...and then somehow gets weirder. He does make a lot of really fun, dangerously intense fans among the humans, though.

The creature is the Tenjoname! He's a helpful ghost who will clean your ceilings with his filthy tongue!


“Shiny” by Podington Bear

“Um Pepino (Artos Mix)” by Blue Dot Sessions

“Silent Flock” by Blue Dot Sessions

“Tarnish” by Podington Bear

"Sylvestor" by Blue Dot Sessions

"KeoKeo" by Blue Dot Sessions

"KeoKeo (acoustic version)" by Blue Dot Sessions


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A public domain version of the latter half of today's story: https://myths.link/bacchae

Good source on the Tenjoname: https://myths.link/tenjoname

Cardboard cutout of Guy Fieri: https://myths.link/fieri

Guy Fieri is the last unproblematic food person: https://myths.link/foodpeople