A Norse saga in the truest sense of the word, this story follows one family through changing times of the Middle Ages. There are cursed swords, Viking love triangles, and why throwing stinky socks at a person whose only desire is to punch you in the face is a terrible idea.

The creature is the Yule goat, who hasn't been burned down yet! Maybe!

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"Down to the Wire" by Lance Conrad

"Voyage to America" by Lance Conrad

"Big River Run" by Blue Dot Sessions

"The Idle Eyes" by Blue Dot Sessions

"Slapstick" by Blue Dot Sessions

"Unseen" by Michael Vignola

"Stumbling" by Michael Vignola


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A character buys an enslaved woman and she becomes pregnant. Later on we acknowledge this by using the word "rape" because that's absolutely what it was.