We’re back in the nine worlds of Norse myth where two Viking blood brothers are looking for princesses that have been kidnapped by legendary monsters. Their journey will take them beyond their world of Midgard, to Jotunheim, to see the ravages Thor has brought.

The creature this time is a kitty! Who wants to make a kitty-human hybrid for...reasons?

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The Nine Worlds

Midgard: The world of the humans. That's where we live! You're probably already pretty familiar with this one. Oh an a giant serpent surrounds us and lives in the ocean. Moving on!

Asgard: The world of the Aesir, the ruling group of gods, and the home of Thor, Odin, Baldr (temporarily), Tyr, Loki (sometimes!), and others. Nice place. Lots of mead, feasting warriors, walls, and halls.

Vanaheim: The home of the Vanir, the rival group of magic-using gods that the Aesir fought (and beat) in the first war. The Aesir were peaceful with them and took two of their warriors (Freyja and Frey) in a peace treaty and the pair became somewhat-honorary Aesir.

Alfheim: The home of the elves. Well, the light elves. It is a place of beauty.

Svartalfheim: The home of the dwarves, or, if you want to get even more problematic, the black elves! The Aesir hate them. The giants hate them. The poor dwarves just can't catch a break. They're great at crafting, though, and they made Thor's hammer.

Niflheim: An icy, cold world.

Muspelheim: A fiery, hot world. It is also the home of the fire giants, who make an appearance at Ragnarok to help kill the Aesir.

Hel: The realm of the dead. A cold, misty place ruled by Loki's daughter of the same name. If you don't end up in Freyja or Odin's afterlife fighting camp with all-you-can-drink mead (i.e. if you don't die in battle), you find yourself here.

Jotunheim: I saved the best for last. The Jotnar, like the Vanir, are a rival group of gods to the Aesir, but unlike the Vanir, the Jotnar will not be controlled or mollified with a peace treaty. So, they are hunted. Thor and Odin regularly make their way into Jotunheim to commit what is essentially genocide against the giants, despite the pair being mostly from a jotnar ancestry. Their blind hatred of the jotnar essentially pave the way for Ragnarok, when the groups that the Aesir have oppressed will rise up against the gods who violently keep them down, preferring death to oppression.


A lot of mutilation in today's episode. A couple guys get some ears ripped off. There's a Viking battle that ends violently (anchor to the face & spear to the open mouth), and a couple pets have an undeserved, violent end when they become food for their zombified former owner.

As for the sexual assault bit, the cat in the creature of the week rapes human women so it can create a race of kitty-human hybrids for no particular reason.