There's a killer on the loose in Kyoto. Young women are disappearing from the streets, never to be heard from again. Minamoto no Raikō, the legendary samurai, knows that it isn't merely a serial killer, but the demons. After he and other samurai like him drove the demons away, the began amassing in the far-off, desolate regions of Japan, but now they have a new leader: Shuten Doji, the drunken demon, a creature as smart as he is deadly.

Raikō knows he can't face these oni alone, so he puts together a team of Japan's greatest warriors and together, just maybe, they'll have a chance.

The creature is Angoulaffre of the Broken Teeth, great great great great (^10) grandson of Goliath and actually a pretty good governor.





"Tapoco" by Blue Dot Sessions

"Lunette Interlude" by Blue Dot Sessions

"Machination" by Blue Dot Sessions

"Systems" by Chad Crouch

"Cirrostratus" by Chad Crouch

"Epic Journey" by Valentina Gribanova


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