We catch up with the strange knight in the white armor, the boy who doesn't know his own past, as he travels the realm, and witness him come up against the cursed fortress known as the Dolorous Guard.

The creature is an old bearded dude who's like a male siren, which, if you're into murderous older fishermen, might be your thing?



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"Cymbal Patter" by Blue Dot Sessions

"Lumber Down" by Blue Dot Sessions

"Manaan" by Blue Dot Sessions

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"Believe the Hype" by Sander Kalmeijer

"Crem Valle" by Blue Dot Sessions


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A lot of knights come to a lot of bodily harm. Teeth get smashed in. Dudes get jumped on. Arms get cut off. Like I said, Monty Python was barely exaggerating. We *try* not to get too graphic, though.