The story of the cook and the warlock, from 1001 Nights, where you see how a hot tub can change your entire life's course.

The creature is the Murghi-i-adami, a buff peacock with a lot to say.


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"Gothrd" by Blue Dot Sessions

"Hrse Hrse" by Blue Dot Sessions

"Still Nite" by Blue Dot Sessions

"Pglet Credits" by Blue Dot Sessions

"Shepman" by Blue Dot Sessions

"Shphrd" by Blue Dot Sessions


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Kind of a lot of beheading. The headsman keeps missing on account of a warlock causing it to happen, so he keeps accidentally beheading the wrong guys and the scene ends with him beheading himself. It's fairly gruesome humor, but we do try to keep it light.

Additionally, a princess and a young man have sex. They're alone in a room, and she unbuttons his shirt before we tastefully cut away. Nothing explicit, but it's there.

The Vizier Thing

He is pretty chastened by being turned into a woman, calling it a horrid punishment (not his life as a mermaid, mind you, being a woman in general), and being so grateful to be back. For some reason, despite the vizier spending way too much time talking about how terrible women are, the caliph still wants to get in the cauldron. I thought the vizier being bewildered and basically mixing two different selves in his mind made more sense (and would intrigue the caliph more) so that's why I chose to end that part of the story the way I did.