Two stories from Latin America folklore about people (and animals?) getting payback. The first is a story about why you shouldn't bite strangers. The second is about a man who can make the dead rise...but for a small fee will make sure that they stop.

The creature is the magician's monster from Castle Frankenstein, a living lesson of why you shouldn't brag about your elixir of life and then die a year later.


Cat Butt Key Caps:


"Drama Queen" by Podington Bear

"Dutiligi" by Podington Bear

"Haze" by Chad Crouch

"In My Head" by Podington Bear

"LA" by Podington Bear


A comic detailing an alternate ending for the first story. In the first panel, a fox opens a bag. Second, he looks in it curiously. Third, eyes stare back at him from the darkness. Fourth, a dog is licking the annoyed fox.

What's in the Bag?

This is my headcanon for how the first story ends. They're friends, now. The dog is super sweet. They go on adventures.