Aphrodite is looking for love in all the wrong places. It's the story of where she came from, her side of her doomed marriage with Hephaestus, and how the love of her very, very long life was a tree baby.

The creature is Buffardello, a small, bearded fairy from Italy with many, many weird hobbies.



Leave the TV on by Blue Dot Sessions

We Build with Rubber Bands by Blue Dot Sessions

House of Grendel by Blue Dot Sessions

Naptime by Blue Dot Sessions

Darkened Treeline by Blue Dot Sessions



We never get explicit, but Aphrodite is Aphrodite. She gets together with a lot of guys. There's also a lot of infidelity this week. It's Greek mythology...

Additionally, she curses a girl to fall in love with her father and falls in love with the baby resulting from that union (after the baby grows into an attractive man).