Three(ish) stories from the Korean peninsula about ghosts and goblins. Kind of. Some are actual ghosts and goblins (도깨비). Some are the ghosts of happier times and the lives we thought we wanted. Some goblins literally beat us up when they cheat at board games. There's a lot to learn this week.

The creature is the Kting Voar, a creature that definitely does not exist, but not for lack of being extremely normal and boring.

Kting Voar article:
Cow eating snake (NOT the Kting Voar):
Story 1 (the literary man):
Story 2:
Story 3:


"Cirrocumulous" by Chad Crouch
"Venus Aire" by Blue Dot Sessions
"Cortesia" by Blue Dot Sessions
"Flatlands 1st" by Blue Dot Sessions
"Night Music" by Blue Dot Sessions
"The Bond" by Chad Crouch
"Virginia Creeper" by Blue Dot Sessions


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A father kills his son after the son tries to kill the father with a knife. It's brief and not graphic. A snake later sheds human skin.