A mother and son are surviving at the end of the world, while monsters prowl the wasteland all around. And now, one of them wants to leave.

The creature is the Kudan (件), a human-faced bovine who wants you to have its poster up in your home. A lot of posters, actually.

Source: https://myths.link/georgie
Lion bites: https://myths.link/lionbites


"Button" by Chad Crouch
"Wisp" by Chad Crouch
"Warm Fingers" by Blue Dot Sessions
"Lullaby" by Chad Crouch
"Shifty Crow" by Chad Crouch
"Rarified" by Chad Crouch
"Small Bummer" by Chad Crouch


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A character finds a room full of the bones of infants. He realizes the woman he believed to be his mother killed them.