2A-Aladdin: The Magician’s Nephew

//2A-Aladdin: The Magician’s Nephew

2A-Aladdin: The Magician’s Nephew


The story of a poor man who finds a being of unlimited power, and not only uses it to put food on the table, but goes a little farther to take over the kingdom and become the richest man alive.

It's the original story of Aladdin, but it's very different from the story you know. The jinni (actual spelling of genie, by the way), don't really grant wishes. Listen to this episode to hear the bizarre original story that led to inspired retellings.

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  1. Can You Feel It, Mr Krabs? January 12, 2017 at 2:47 am - Reply

    Hello, I love this podcast and cannot recommend it high enough. I have a question pertaining to this episode however; around the 11:30 mark, you give us a brief background on genies. During this, music is playing. Could you tell me the name of the song playing during this specific segment?

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